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Lacanian mirror stage

Lacanian mirror phase

Lacan’s version of psychoanalysis discourses mirror-stage as a part of identification in his three-stage model of identity formation. He is a French psychiatrist who worked with psychotic patients from 1930 to 1940. He began to develop his own version of…

Breuer and Psychoanalysis

Breuer and psychoanalysis

Joseph Breuer was a famous German key-personality in the field of neuropsychology who influenced the development of Freudian psychoanalysis. His unique observations on his patient Anna O is a door-opening invention in the field of psychoanalysis which attempts to take…

Idea of centre

Idea of Centre

In different ages, some particular centres always rule human civilisation. These centres also control the nature of knowledge. So, it is important to explore how the world of knowledge has been ruled by the idea of the centre since the…