Effects of the pandemic on the conjugal life

People throughout the whole world are not ready to face long confinement at home during the pandemic. There are no studies what they should do in time of home-stay. So, the pandemic has caused severe dilemma for them about what they should do in this time, how they should behave with their partners, or how they should react to those things they cannot handle. As home-stay is a common phenomenon for all in every corner of the world during the pandemic, conjugal life is primarily affected severely. This article shows how the pandemic is responsible for the unexpected and unwanted issues in the conjugal life of the people.

Psychological Effects and couple-goals during the pandemic

It is widely accepted that the pandemic (Covid-19) affects the couples psychologically irrespective of the castes, races, and geographical borders. It becomes very difficult for them to keep pace with their regular conjugality because of the distorted psychological conditions. Before the emergence of the pandemic, the couples had their own codes of life which have largely been affected leaving irreparable damages to their psychological conditions.

Effects on the couple-communication during the pandemic

The pandemic has brought a catastrophic change in the couples’ modes of communication. Formerly, both the husband and wife lead their life through the gap and meet. It had a balance. Both of them knew when they would meet and what they would do. But the pandemic makes them available to each other for all the time with which they were not habituated to. This sudden nearness makes them uneasy and uncomfortable to some extent. This unexpected and unplanned nearness makes them behave strangely with each other. Their former communicational skills do not function properly to get them connected reciprocally. As a result, there is a growing dissatisfaction between them which, in some cases, takes them away from each other.

Creation of the hypertension

The pandemic creates hypertension among the couples. It is caused by different social, economic, and physical issues directly linked with the pandemic. Both the husband and wife become very angry about silly matters. Moreover, they surprisingly discover an oceanic gap in their understanding, likeness, and dislikeness. Gradually, these issues turn to be more catastrophic than the pandemic itself. They become more concerned about the anomalies that have been in existence for a long time. Both of them develop the understanding that they have sacrificed a lot for tolerating each other over the former years. These discoveries lead them to become very critical of each other. They burst out in anger for silly matters. Previously, what they ignored turns to be a major issue during the pandemic. The pandemic eats up their rationality and turns them hyper for everything. Thus, the pandemic is responsible for the generation of hypertension among couples. More pathetically, it is not confined to geographical locations or cultures. Couples from all corners of the world suffer from this type of hypertension.

The pandemic and the breach in the conjugal life

The present pandemic is also responsible for the separation among the couples. Many researches show that both the husbands and wives turn aggressive about the silly matter linked with their conjugality. Their excessive obsession with the pandemic makes their conjugal life secondary to them. This leads them to be very quick in coming to the decision of divorcing each other. Many people do not give a second thought to their decisions for their unquestionable surrender to the fear of the pandemic. The fear caused by the pandemic is so severe that people can’t but consider all of their life’s achievements secondary. This kind of thought leads them to excessive mental suppression which ends with the separation of their conjugal life.


It is undoubtedly true that the pandemic affects people in innumerable ways among which I have taken only a few issues in this essay. These include how the pandemic affects the couples psychologically, how their communication is distorted, and finally, how their conjugal lives end in separation.


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