It is not a regular experience for the people of the world to explore how pandemic affects them. Apart from the big issues, the pandemic has compelled people to reshuffle their interactions with many other fields which were formerly unexplored. Technology is one of them which imparts tremendous support to the people who are compelled to alienate themselves at homes during the pandemic. With the help of technology, they are able to maintain the link with the external world. Moreover, it helps them to work from home for their offices and get necessary advice on their physical issues. The wheels of the economy are always in great movement because of the support people get from technology. In addition, it opens a great window for entertainment for the home-bound people during the pandemic.

Technology and connectivity during the pandemic

The pandemic makes human life standstill. It has been for more than one year, people throughout the whole world have been experiencing this insubstantial condition of being alienated from everything they usually experience in their formal life. The pandemic causes the end of physical contact among the people which is considered to be one of the fundamental human virtues. People have to impose self-imprisonment on themselves at this time to get away from Corona. As a result, their link with the external world is severely hampered. Without virtual contact, it is not possible to continue the most inevitable human quality of having connectivity with others. it is beyond question that technology has made it possible. Formerly, the tech world was limited that is boosted tremendously in times of necessity. Many companies offer extra facilities for normalizing the connectivity among people.

Work from home and technology

Pandemic has compelled people to work from home by complying with the declaration of the government’s lockdown. Working from home is a new idea for all. People from all over the world have experienced it in the same way. Technology has played a remarkable role in providing the necessary supports to the people of different junctions to do their activities from homes. In this way, they help the wheels of production go on which has protected both the national and global economy.

Online medication during technology

Pandemic has affected people of all ages in all countries of the world. Those with comorbidity are more fragile to it. These people suffer more becasue of the lockdown and the unavailability of transportation and doctors. At the beginning of the pandemic, the situation was very severe but with the passing of time, different agencies have introduced alternative ways to ensure health services to the affected people. They have done it with the help of technology. They have opened different online health services which offer advice with medication for those confined at homes for the lockdown. Technology, thus, has created connectivity between doctors and those with different physical issues.

Entertainment and technology

In the time of the pandemic, the regular modes of entertainment are completely off what leads people to explore these areas at home. They have done it with the help of technology. Different online platforms have eased the tense situation by offering multidimensional ways of entertainment through watching movies, playing games, or taking part in e-sports.


When the world is standstill, technology has created a network of mobility. In all the fields connected with human necessity, it has played tremendous roles. It has proved its vitality offering all the tools to subside the tension during the pandemic.

Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim

Assistant Professor, and Member of the Proctorial Body
Department of English Language and Literature (DELL), Premier University, Chattogram,
& Doctoral Fellow, English Department, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka.

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