Pandemic and its effects on the school going children

The pandemic affects people of all ages including school-going children throughout the whole world. Before the emergence of the pandemic, the world was full of pleasures and regularities for kids. They used to go to schools, parks, restaurants, and fun-places with their parents when there was no pandemic. After its break out, their regular lifestyle went through tremendous changes with their confinement to homes. They are affected socially, culturally, academically, and physically.

Pandemic and children’s socialization

Pandemic leaves irreparable impacts on the school-going children’s socialization. Earlier, when they used to go to school, they met their classmates from different social positions and backgrounds. It paves the way for their socialization. Moreover, the kids confronted many unexpected behavioral issues from their classmates which helped them to be clever enough to solve the matters. Many types of research show that children get socialized through these ups and downs in life. The pandemic compels them to stay at homes which bars them get socialized.

Pandemic and the children’s cultural issues

The school-going children are the cultural harbingers. School is a cultural hub for them. They learn the cultural aspects in school through their classroom interactions, festivities, and cultural programs. They are not able to go through these regular activities now because of the pandemic. It undoubtedly affects their upbringing. The pandemic generation of the school children is not getting the cultural paradigms that the former students experienced. In this way, the pandemic creates a cultural vacuum in them.

Pandemic and the academic effects on the children

The children who attended regular school classes before the pandemic followed a particular curriculum that helped them develop their knowledge systematically. Their confinement to homes during the pandemic drastically disheveled this ordered academic process and left them to either a short-cut syllabus or no syllabus at all. Eventually, they fail to gain their academic excellence as expected. It is true that they are getting a distant or online education, but it is not similar to classroom education.

Pandemic and the physical issues of the children

Among the most detrimental effects the pandemic leaves on the school-going children, physical issues cover a vast space. Kids are confined to homes during the pandemic period without having any physical labor. This confinement leads them to develop an extreme attraction to fatty foods. They do not get any option to burn this fat which leaves them to become obese. Children in all the corona-affected countries suffer from this devastating experience.

Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim

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